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...:InfinityMu Season 4 Evolution:...


Welcome to InfinityMu  х500 (PvP)

An easy, stable server and well-thought-out gameplay are waiting for you!

Server developments made it rich and interesting!

New Events, quests, Bonuses, a new store and many additional functions for your interest and comfort!

On the Server, everything is available in a game way, you can achieve everything without investment

Every Sunday WebShop discount 5%

Game currency: WCoinC

Installed on the server: Game-Shop (Smity in ExMenu)

Join will be a great game!


Briefly about the Server:

✔️Experience: x500

✔️New Jewels Drop: 15%

✔️Max Stats: 32767

✔️PPL: 5/7/7

✔️BOX:1/2/3/4/5 in shop

✔️Wings: LvL 2.5/3/4/5/6  in Shop

✔️Lottery System

✔️V.I.P System

✔️Balance System

✔️VOTE Reward System

✔️Market System

✔️Referal System

✔️Socket System  (100%)

✔️ Infinity Quest System 150(Reward: Only WCoinC)

✔️Pink Options (PvP) for all items.

 Reset 400 LvL: = 5 WCoinC (V.I.P 380 lvl = 15 WCoinC)

Grand Reset = 5000 WCoinC (V.I.P6000 WCoinC)

Master Grand Reset=20000 WCoinC (V.I.P22000 WCoinC)

WebShop: (V.I.P Discount 10 %)

 One hour in the game = 5 WCoinC

✔️Rage System x500 (1200 lvl): PvP, Drop, Expirence, Damage, Defense and more...





✔️ Blood Hound Event 

✔️ Blood Castle 

✔️ Chaus Castle 

✔️ Devil Square 

✔️ Carnage Event

✔️ Happy Hour

✔️Drop Event

 ✔️ Lora Battle Event 

✔️ Pandora Box Event 

✔️ TvT Event

✔️ Team vs Team Event: Every Day 19:00  (Reward: WCoinC)

 ✔️ Dungeon Siege:  Every Saturday at 18:00 (Reward: Jewel of Ancient and 1000 WCoinC)





✔️ Achievements

✔️ Max Power

✔️ Infinity Quest: 

✔️ Battle Master Quest for all Classes PvP: command - /bminfo 


Monster Bonus: 


 Illusion of Kundun: 5 WCoinC

 Balgass: 40 WCoinC

 Nightmare: 30 WCoinC

 Right Hands of Maya: 25 WCoinC

 Selupan: 40 WCoinC

 Medusa Boss: 40 WCoinC

 And More...




Infinity Demon (Damage 20% for PvP

 SHOP IN GAME (Press F5)

 KUNDUN Respawn in Lorencia, Devias - 240,155 - every 20 minutes 

 Big Spot for all classes

 NPC BUFF System

 Noob Buff System

 Auto Party System

 New Ex Menu

Strong Monsters

Interesting game events will not let you get bored.

New sets of things.

New game panel with sections - Event Time, Command, Jewel Bank.


Support for right mouse click to move items.

Supports Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.

Supports Socket + PvP + Excellent options.

Support for PVP options on all things.

OffExp - AFK system, offline pumping.

Game quest system of 100 tasks.

Game Economy Hardcore.

PVP / PVE balance for all characters


Administration support 12/7

 Premium System : Jewels Drop +20%, Experience +30%


In-Game Command list:


/post (a message within actual Game Server)

/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd (Add your stats)

/reset (clears level 400 and free points +1 reset for ZEN)

/pkclear (allows to clear PK status for ZEN)

/war (allows to propose a War to opponent Guild)

/battlesoccer (allows to challenge opposite guild for aSoccer match)

/offtrade (activate off-trade sale)


Jewels Bank



/recvchaosbank /recvblessbank/recvsoulbank/recvlifebank



New Jewels: 


 Jewel Of Exellent:

(It is used for add excellent options to items, Maximal 2 Option in game)

 Jewel Of Mistic:

(It is used for add LvL in your Rings&Pendants)

 Jewel Of Luck:

(It is used for add Luck options to items)

 Jewel Of Skill:

(It is used for add Skill options to items)

Jewel Of Level:

(It is used for add LvL in your items, Maximal +13 )

Jewel Of Evalution:

(It is used for add excellent status in your items)

Jewel Of Ancent:

(It is used to transform at normal or excellent item to Ancient)

 Jewel Of Option:

(It is used for add Options +28 in your items )


We are waiting for your wishes and your vision on the server!

Write to us we appreciate your feedback!

We try to make the server for a comfortable and interesting game!

Sincerely, the administration of InfinityMu

January 23, 2021, 2:48 pm

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